Gappa Security Solutions

Marshall Best Security Representative in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Northern Illinois

We are a full service access control company.  We provide, install, and maintain lock and door hardware, masterkeying systems, electronic card access systems, and IP cameras.

We provide our customers with a full line of access control solutions.

Gappa Security Solutions is a Wisconsin-based Company that combines consistent service with quality products. We are the Marshall Best Security [MBS] Representative in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Northern Illinois.

Gappa Security Solutions offers products that will work within most current Best Access removable core systems. This means you will be able to continue to use your existing master-key structure. 

Also, you will find that our products are quite similar to the hardware you already use: For instance, we offer lever handle locksets, padlocks, cabinet locks, cores, keys, and more. You can check out the product line by going to our Products Page.

We have sales representatives and service technicians who travel throughout the state. We welcome a chance to get together with you and tell you more about how we can meet your security needs.

Why Use Us?

Gappa Security Solutions can help you to standardize your keying system without replacing your existing lock hardware. That means you can control access in all of your buildings without carrying 2 to 3 rings of keys. Imagine the Director of Buildings and Grounds carrying only a single grandmaster key. Gappa Security Solutions can help you design this comprehensive system with simple, affordable core and cylinder changes.

Core Services

  • Free On-Site Surveys and Needs Analysis

  • Keying Systems Meetings

  • Americans with Disabilities Act Upgrades

  • End User Training

  • Technical Expertise and Installation

  • Prompt Service Calls

  • Software Training

  • Re-Pinning and Retrofitting

Core Products

  • Interchangeable small format core

  • Customized masterkey systems

  • Complete line of door lock hardware

  • Able to retrofit most existing systems

  • Electronic access control products

Comprehensive Retrofitting

Using our KABA and Dorma products, we can retrofit virtually any combination of hardware to operate under the same keying system.  Imagine having only one key to carry - regardless of your current hardware!


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